Piano Care Instructions

Choosing the proper location for your piano is very important.  Enviromental conditions affect the tone,  the tuning stability,  the finish and the instruments life.     An inside wall is recommended.  Do not place your piano near a heat source.  (Fireplace, hot air register, radiator etc.)  Avoid excessive humidity and temperature changes.  Also avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Your piano will operate best when temperature and humidity are kept at reasonable levels.  We suggest that you maintain temperature between 60 and 85 degrees, and humidity between 40 and 60 percent.  Avoid sudden changes of either terperature and humidity.  Sudden changes will affect the moisture of all the wooden parts, causing them to shrink or swell.  This can also cause the finish to crack, the string tension to change (necessitating more tunings),  sluggish keys and action parts.  If you have any questions concerning placement, contact your piano dealer.

Pianos are delicate instruments which will require professional attention periodically.  Keeping your piano tuned and well regulated  will enhance your enjoyment and help your piano last longer.  When your piano enters your home it will need to adjust to the atmosphere conditions there.  During the first year we recommend 1 tuning at 3 months and the second tuning 6 months later.  Along with tuning, we recommend the regulation be checked for proper "touch" and adjusted if necessary.  (Regulation=touch/performance adjustments).  This will help your piano to stabilize, enabling it to stay in tune longer.  After the first year, we recommend 2 tunings per year and a regulation check.  If you have problems maintaining the proper enviroment, your piano may require more tunings.

CABINET:  Dust your piano with a soft, clean cloth, slightly dampened if necessary.  Do not place items on your piano that could damage the finish.
PIANO KEYS:  Use a soft damp cloth to clean keys.  Wipe from back to front.  NEVER use petroleum products on piano keys.
OBJECTS ON PIANO:  Can cause poor tone or noisy vibrations.  Any liquid that spills on or inside the piano can cause serious damage.  Use discretion when placing items on piano.  Do Not put plants or drinking glasses on piano.

If your piano came with a warranty, first contact your dealer should any problem arise.  Read and understand your warranty.  To maintain your warranty you must assume certain responsibilities.  It is your responsibility to prevent exposure to extremes of temperature and humidity,   to read and understand piano care instructions, and have proof of purchase.