Here are some care instructions we have collected over the years.

Basic Do's and Don'ts

Do:  Purchase a humidity gauge (hygrometer)

Do:   Provide proper humidity control. Maintain humidity between 40% and 60%.

Do:  Keep piano away from heat sources (heat ducts, radiators, woodstoves and fireplaces)

Do:  Realize that lack of humidity control can cause damage to your piano

Do:  Realize that lack of humidity control will put a piano out of tune quickly

Do:  Realize that lack of humidity control voids piano warranties

Do:  Purchase a humidifier or Piano Dampchaser Humidity Control System to maintain proper humidity

Do:  Tune your piano whenever it sounds out of tune or every 6 months. Whichever comes first

Do:  Tune your piano every six month's whether you play it or not, it still goes out of tune

Do:  Tune your new or reconditioned piano 3 months after purchase due to string and pin settling

Do:  Tune your  pitch corrected piano within 3 month to attain tuning stability

Do:  Remove all articles on piano before tuner arrives

Do:  Keep a QUIET atmosphere during piano tuning

Do:  Clean your keys with a soft damp cloth

Don't:  Put plants or drinking glasses on the piano

Don't:  Allow any liquid to fall or drip on or inside the piano

Don't:  Let children bang on the piano.  (teach 1 finger per note)

Don't:  Let children drag toys across the keys

Don't:  allow direct sunlight to warm up the piano

Don't:  Operate radio, T.V. or vacuum's while piano is being tuned

                                 Care For Your Piano!

                       With proper care it should last a lifetime.