High Gloss and Satin Finishes available in Ebony, Red Mahogany, Brown Mahogany, Walnut and White (special order) *depending on model*

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Story & Clark Grand available sizes 6'1 Parlour Grand  and 6'8 Semi-Concert Grand in Ebony

Starting in 2009 all our Story & Clark pianos come standard with this PianoScan option, which allows you to connect to an external keyboard or synthesizer module via midi and to your computer via USB. Story & Clark are the only pianos in the world that come ready to connect to your synthesizer and computer. This opens up a whole new world of sounds, and connecting your piano directly to music software.

15 Year Warranty
Starting in 2009 all of our Story & Clark Pianos will come with a PianoScan MIDI and USB Interface  (see below)
Starting in 2009 all of our Story & Clark Pianos come with a 15 Year Warranty
New for 2009
5'4 Cosmopoliton
5'9 Versailles
5'4 Fairfax
New for 2009
New Story & Clark Islander
4'11 Manhattan
New for 2009
New for 2009

All New Park West

5'4 Melrose
New for 2009
Story & Clark  5'1  French Provencial Baby Grand
6'1 Story & Clark Grand 6'8

Story & Clark   5' 7"  Grand  Piano

Story & Clark  5'1  Baby Grand  

4'9 Story & Clark Baby Grand
Available in Red Mahogany and Ebony (pictured)
Available in Ebony, Red Mahogany, White, and Brown Mahogany (pictured)
Available in Ebony and Red Mahogany (pictured)
Available in Ebony, Red Mahogany and Brown Mahogany (pictured)
Available sizes:  5'4,  5'9,  6'2,  7'.  Available finishes High Gloss and Satin Ebony (pictured)  
Available in Red mahogany and Ebony (pictured)
Available in Ebony with Light Maple and Dark Maple Trim (pictured)
Available in Red Mahogany and Ebony (pictured)
Available in HG Ebony
Available in Antique White and Cherry (pictured)